Bought a home in 2017 in Beech Mountain, NC 28604.

Michael Goldstein has a great personality that allows him to UNDERSTAND people’s needs and preferences. He has been in this area for a long time: more than 14 years! He knows everybody and everything. And everybody knows Michael Goldstein who, with his generosity, earned the famous nickname here – Mountain Mike. People are saying that Mountain Mike has a BIG HEART. When people see Mountain Mike, they STOP by him just to chat. Mountain Mike puts them in a good mood with his great SENSE OF HUMOR. Mountain Mike’s professional skills are ABOVE expectations: he sold one house 5 times! Not too many real estate professionals can say that about themselves. Mickael Goldstein known to everybody here as Mountain Mike is a significant PART of BEECH MOUNTAIN HISTORY. Sincerely and honestly, Tanya Kearney: – Master’s Degree in Mathematics – AP Calculus Certification – Master’s Degree in English – AASD in Computer Programming – Master’s Degree in School Administration: in progress August 9th 2017

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