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Dottie’s direct cell phone number is 828-387-4600.

The following is a review that Dottie Received recently:


I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about my experience with Dottie during my home search in Boone.

Since meeting her in late December 2017, she has been great to work with in this search. Not only did she work with me but with my parents and their contractor friend who looked at various properties as well. Dottie was wonderful at making all of us feel comfortable with the processes, not knowing if we could continue the search, and then finally finding the house and answering my questions and/or concerns. Although I was concerned I was wasting her time without knowing if I could coordinate what I needed with my work, she kept reassuring my parents and me that this was her job and that she truly wanted to help us find the best property for our situation. Through this roller-coaster ride (at least that is the way it felt to me and all due to my work issues), Dottie hung in there with us and was never upset when the next house was rejected or with status updates on my work. When I told her the search was on hold because of inaction at my work, she continued to send me house options because she did not want me to miss something she thought I would like if my circumstances change. You do not know how much I appreciated this because I could have missed “my house” if she had not continued her efforts on our behalf We finally hit on the right one for my parents and me in the right location we needed.

As a little background, my parents are 80 years old and Dad has been diagnosed with early on-set dementia and both have had hip or knee replacements. Last Christmas, my mother asked if it would be an option for me to work from Boone as this would allow them to stay in Boone and retain their independence while having peace of mind with me there. This is the reason Dottie was asked to make three people happy for this adventure. Dad had to feel part of the process, Mom had to like the location and I had to like the house. Through all of this, Dottie became familiar with all of our needs and was mindful of Dad’s condition.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy working with her. My parents and I trust her judgement and recommendations through this process. In the coming weeks to the close date, I know I will continue to be in very good and capable hands with Dottie.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope it conveys how much we respect and trust Dottie, who went above and beyond for us. We would recommend Dottie to anyone.

Thanks, again.

Ginger Asbill”